Some things you should know about working in the wiki environment:
  • All registered users can edit the entries in this wiki. This means you.
  • When you click on "Edit This Page", the entry is switched over to editing mode. During this time, your changes are not live, until you click the Save button. This means that if someone else comes to this page before you have saved, they will not see your changes and if they edit, they will be editing the original document. When the two people save, the most recent save is what will be displayed and the other will be placed in the history. The good news is that with students working in time zones on opposite sides of the world, we shouldn't run into this issue unless students are working in the same classroom but separately.
  • Working collaboratively means that we should all take pride in the final result. In the initial stages, you may find that you want to add your name next to entries that you make, but ultimately, the final product will be a collaborative effort of ideas and wordsmithing and will either carry no names or all of your names.
  • The history keeps track of who, what, and when entries were made.
  • Use the discussion tab of the page (at the top). This where you can dialogue about the concepts that you are writing about and your ideas about what needs to be added or taken out. Each discussion is associated specifically with that particular page.

About this collaboration:
  • You will be matched up with students from the other school.
  • Your group will be responsible for completing the entry assigned to you by answering the prompt that is there.
  • You will be assessed by the quality of the group's final entry. (So make sure that you are all working to make it the best possible entry it can be).
  • The discussion area (there's a tab at the top of any page) is a terrific place to bounce ideas off of each other and to share opinions. In the end, this area made be as rich (if not richer!) as the entry page itself. This is where you can get to know your "partners" who live on the other side of the world.