Here is a rough outline of how the what the few classes will look like. Feel free to edit and shape this page.


To do before the first wiki class.
  • Send email invitations to students to register them as "Members" of the wiki. The wiki is set to Private, so only members will be able to edit and contribute. To do this, go here and then send invitations out according to student email addresses.

Day 1
Introduction to Wiki
  • All students will confirm from their email, their membership to the wiki. They will need to set username and password. See above link
  • The York School students will use the same login user-names that they use at school.
  • Students will view existing wikis in use: Wikipedia, Flat Classroom Project, A Million Penguins Collaborative Novel
  • Students will view the Introductions page and then answer the prompt in the discussion area.
  • Question: Do we have students set up an RSS feed to their own group pages?

Day 2

  • Time to read discussion from the previous class postings.
  • Get students into assignment groups and look at content questions
  • Overview of essential questions and how to use the group discussion forums as a tool for collaboration
  • Question: Do we have guidelines for what the group pages should look like?