Before we begin, lets get to know each other:

Today you will learn about what a wiki is and how it works. You will also discuss appropriate use, best practices and wiki etiquette. This introduction will help ensure that we get the most out of the time you have while working on the guiding questions later on. Click on the Using a wiki 101 link on the side bar for some introductory information on how to use this space. Also click on the Code of Ethics link to review the expectations and etiquette for this site.

Before you can get started, please make sure that you have joined as a member of this wiki. You should have received an e-mail invitation to join the wiki. If you have not followed up on this, please do this now.

Because the students working here are on either side of the planet, we want to start by everyone getting to know each other a little.
On each of your group pages c lick on the discussion tab at the top of the page and share your thoughts on these question:

1) What are

2) What possibilities do you see this tool (the wiki) having on your learning and what opportunities do you think it opens up?

The York School
Located at 1320 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Class Photo

The York School TOK Class
1st row(left to right) Robbie, Spencer, Max, Brando, Ryan, Shannon, Emily, Mr. Hamilton
2nd row (left to right) Catherine, Laura, Tali, Jeremy
3rd row (left to right) Josh, Matty, Adam W, Kyle, Brendan, Brooke, Leah, Adam L.

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