TYS Group 9
Laura Schoffel
Ryan Sless
ASV Group 9
Andrew Ross
Clara Raga

- Guitar
(Beauty, Ethics, and Truth)

- English, Portugese
Portugese book
  • A Menina do Narizinho Arrebitado - or any "Monteiro Lobato" book
    English Book
    - Dr. Seuss compilation
    (Shows Beauty, abd Truth)

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- Move them away from cannibalism (although cannibalism was only practiced in spiritual rituals)
- Teach them how to interact in the modernized world
- Teach them that we understand they have their own culture, and we respect them, but in order to survive they need to learn how to behave like the rest of Brasil.
- The relationship between these tribes and the nature was always very balanced, therefore teaching them about how Americans deal with nature is very important

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Our Sections:
Ryan Sless
Laura Schoffel
Dear: The Organization of Truth, Ethics, and Beauty

We, as a group of caring citizens of the world believe that we would do a great job to help the unfortunate tribe of Amazonians. We believe that intervening in a tribe such as this one is not beneficial in anyway as the tribes have been trained to survive and live in a certain way and would not be interested in changing their tribal traditions. They have learned how to survive and live a certain way and those ways should not be tampered with. The tribes are sited at the heart of the Amazonian jungle for a reason; and that reason is because they are not meant to have any contact with the outside world. This case however, is different and unique. We have learned that within the next 3 to 5 years this tribe will be confronted by one of a number of Brazilian whom will negotiate with them to take over their land. This should not be happening, but as far as we believe it is unstoppable. If we intervene in the tribe and teach them to stand their ground and not let the natives take advantage of them, the Brazilian companies will probably return with weapons, much stronger than the members of the tribe have, and take the land by force. Taking over by force completely goes against the beliefs of your company and us. It is completely unethical to use force to rid natives of their land and can not be seen as a very enjoyable time for either the natives or the companies; hence not being a very beautiful seen. Because of the given situation we believe that it would be appropriate to intervene in the native tribe and teach them about music, geography, language, and ethics. This will allow them to be able to communicate with the Brazilian workmen in an ethical way and not attempt to attack or resort to cannibalism. In this case it seems appropriate to intervene because if the natives know how to communicate with the Brazilians everything can be a lot more peaceful and there can be practices of truth, beauty, and ethical behaviour.
Firstly, we will discuss the reasons as to why we believe that ethics are some of the most important values that we could teach the tribal children. The tribe practices values such as warring, cannibalism, and infanticide, which are all not accepted by modern day society. The first thing we would do would be to communicate with them in a peaceful way and try and become accepted by their community. We hope that this shouldn’t be too much trouble because we are not coming as enemies or trying to change their customs. We believe that we should teach them that their practices are wrong in a logical way that does not offend the tribe. We should teach them about theories of ethics and morals and have them make their own decisions; hopefully they will make the right decisions on their own. If we are successful, they will learn on their own that their practices are not ethically correct. On the other hand, who are we to decide what is morally correct. The idea of right and wrong, truth and ethics is one that some people even of the same culture find it difficult to agree upon, let alone the people of different societies. Some may say that it is in fact unethical to intervene in their tribe and change their traditions. We believe that due to this unique situation it is completely acceptable to intervene in the culture. This is because if the natives resort to their practices of warring, cannibalism, and infanticide, the companies may use force to take over the land. If this is the case more harm than good would be done. This is why we need to intervene. We need to emphasize truthful and ethical behaviour in order for the natives to have peaceful behaviour when the companies come and hence try and save as many lives as possible. This shows truthful behaviour because of the coherence theory, stating it is true if it fits with other statements that we accept as true. The most universal ethical belief is considered to be truthful because we as a society have come to believe that these morals are true. This ethical belief is that you should treat others as you wish to be treated. This is also backed up with studies of human psychology; people are more likely to have the same feelings towards you as you have towards them. Teaching ethics also represents the theory of beauty because we hope to make the tribe more peaceful, ensuring there is little fighting, and less lives are harmed. If they learn that it is not right to fight they will help to preserve the beauty and peacefulness of their tribe.
This tribe has its own language, and due to the fact that they will be dealing with a Brazilian company, as well as having contact with the rest of the world for the first time, it is most appropriate for them to learn firstly Portuguese and then English. Portuguese is a ‘Romance language’, having as its roots Latin. There is an amazing and great history behind this language, which originated around 2000 years ago. Not only it is the official language in Brazil, but also similar enough to Spanish so that if for any reason they need it they will be able to have some kind of understanding. English would also be very important to teach them because the reason why they will be invaded will be to remove forests to make furniture to American families, as well as the fact that English is a universal language, so significant in everyone’s lives in many different ways such as movies, music, books and many others, so that it would play a huge role when they started having more and more contact with the rest of the world. As representatives of the NGO for truth, beauty, and ethics, we are only allowed to bring two pieces of literature. For the Portuguese/Brazilian piece of literature it was decided that “Viagem Pelo Brasil em 52 Historias” or “Travel Across Brazil in 52 Stories” would be the best book to bring to the tribe. It is a book about Brazilian folklore, and it is one of the best reflections of the thought, sentiment and actions of the people. Brazil is a huge country, and consequently different regions of the country have a slightly different culture. This book covers stories from all parts of the country. This book would teach them more than just morals. Besides having beautiful images, the book also contains on the sides of the pages information about geography, botanic, zoology, history and economy of the country. This book would be perfect to teach them about Ethics, Beauty and Truth because the stories that are told are true according to the population and the region that they are from. It expresses truthfully what the people are like, and their views on many situations. Like most Brazilian folklore, these stories all have morals, which will teach the tribe what are the Brazilian ethics, which is exactly what they need to know when confronting the Brazilian company. The Beauty isn’t just in the many pictures that it has in almost every page, but also in the stories themselves. For being such an old country, being more than 500 years old, and so multicultural, the stories show the real Beauty of Brazil. With stories from the dry north, the humid Amazon, the stunning beaches, the enormous cities and even the smallest towns; it shows the beauty of the land as well as the different people that habituate Brazil. We would also bring an English book, with similar characteristics, such as a compilation of Dr. Seuss books. Some may say that this book isn’t the best choice because it only focuses in Brazilian stories, and it will not teach them about the beauty, ethics and truth of any other part of the world. But we believe that this is just the beginning of their understanding of the rest of the world, and because they live in Brazil, they should start with their origin. If we start teaching them about all parts of the world, with every detail we can think of they will get overwhelmed and they may get offended. By starting with the basics of their own country they can slowly learn about what used to be unknown to them.

Music: Clara Raga
In our society the instruments are very important because they can combine both the guitar and the drums to make different styles of music. In relation with beauty they can learn different songs, and develope their intelligence, that are directly related with truth and ethics because depending on the song it shows a different message. The truths are related with the lyrics and in some cases to the music in general. An example of this is Vivaldi that shows happiness. But with the combination of the drums and the guitar they can express a lot of feelings but mostly anger. A problem that can cause this instrument is that maybe it’s too expensive and fragile and its difficult to make an other one if it breaks in the middle of the Amazon. An other problem is that once in a while someone needs to tune it so they need someone that knows a lot about music that is going to be able to do all those arrangements.