TYS Group7
Catherine Moor
Max Piltz
Barbara Moreno-Lane
Dimitra Kyratsaki

- The rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human or particular group.
- Because these people are not exposed to western human reaction they dont know anything else.
- We will not go in and completely change their ethic
- Killing babies may seem unethical but the tribe has reason for doing this they do not want to have overpopulation and if they didnt kill the baby they would most likely die anyways due to lack of resources.
- Unethical for us to go in and change their ethics because it imposes our belifs on people which dont necessarily believe the same

- Is in the eye of the beholder- undefinable.

- Is what applies most to them.

- All forms of art can appear diffrent to certian people, this is because beauty is in the eye of the beholder
- It is very important that we bring all diffrent types of art so that we can give the tribe the opportunity to choose for themselves what they think is trly beautiful. This is why we are going to bring prints of all genres of art including classical, abstract, sculpture etc.
- Also we believe that it is important we bring supplies so that the tribe can create their own art, like diffrent types of paint and brushes also they already have clay but we can show them diffrent methods of sculpting and diffrent forms of art that can be formed with the clay.

external image Andy%20Warhol,%20%20Marilyn.jpg external image van-gogh-sunflowers.gif external image 4387ca.jpg

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- Wooden flutes
- Use the drums they have to make new music

- The first language that will be taught to the tribe is portugese this is because portugese is the language spoken in Brazil
- If they know how to speak portugese then the tribe will be able to communicate with other Brazillian countires
- The second language that will be taught to the tribe is english
- Some may argue that it would be better for the tribe to learn spanish because the surrounding countires of South America speak spanish but since the business men that are trying to take away their land will all be english speaking and the common language of business is english it is only ethical that the tribe have the opportunity to properly communicate their ideas with the english speakers in English
- We will be able to teach them these languages through picture books which will allow the tribal people to use their imagination and explore.
- Some of the books that we can bring are Harry Potter that will explore their imagination and oh the places you'll go by Dr. Suese which promotes to people the importance of finding a purpose in life.
external image harry_potter.jpg external image 51AEV4P4G5L.jpg

- Bring in a map of the surrounding areas which shows the forests, rivers, streams, lakes and coastline.
- This is the map which shows the most truth because it is what applies to them and their everyday lives
- The tribe that we are working with can also see where other tribes live int the amazon so maybe in the future the tribe we are working wiht will be able to make bonds or communicate with surrounding tribes
- Some may argue that it would be more beneficial to bring a world map so that the tribe will be able to learn about other contenents, countries and problems occuring in the world, but because this tribe lives in a remote part of the brazillian rainforest and dont have alot of communication with other countries and it is not necessarily important for the tribe to understand problems that are occuring around the world because they have enough problems of their own with the businessmen trying to take their forest.

external image brazil-map.gif

- Teach them of the natives of South america such as the Aztecs and Mayans
- This will teach the tribes of their ancestors and they can use techniques that the mayans and aztecs used to survive for themselves
- Some people may argue that it is important for the tribes to learn the history of world wars because they were very significant in our lives and alot of people lost their lives but we dont think it is significant to teach them the history of war because we do not want to promote violence, even if we tell the tribes that warfare is bad and many lives our lost it still shows them diffrent methods of warfare which they may not have had the knowledge beforehand
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