TYS Group 6
Emily Peckham
Brando Usher
ASV Group 6
Maria Herrejón
Julia Garcia

TYS Video response

Leonardo_da_Vinci-_Vitruvian_Man.jpgThe Virtruvian Man - Da Vinci

external image van-gogh-vincent-starry-night-7900566.jpg Starry Night - Van Gogh


Under the subject of Art, we believe that the more famous and studied art should be focused on. The two paintings that we have chosen are the Virtruvian Man, by Leonardo da Vinci, and Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. These are two paintings that have been studied and analyzed for years, and many subjects can be tied into both of the paintings. Even though the paintings do not represent anything having to do with South/Latin America, they both refer to the world as a whole, and they are both two of the most famous pieces of art ever made. Starry Night by Van Gogh shows different types of patterns, and uses many different colors and incorporates a style of painting that can be interpreted in different ways. The Virtruvian Man by da Vinci is a very historic painting which can be looked at in many different angles. The script above and below the actual painting has been analyzed for years, and it would work out very well for the children studying art in such a remote area. They could be able to come to their own conclusions about the two paintings, and they could discover even more about them!

- Brando


RECORDER.jpgRecorder- they can learn to make these and then sell them to make a profit

The reason that we chose percussion and the recorder was for two main reasons. The first one being money. These two types of instruments can be made from bamboo and other types of wood which these children have an unlimited supply of. If made correctly, these instruments could make these children a profit, and in the long run give them something to fully develop and they could then produce much more of these instruments. The idea of percussion also was thought of due to the fact that there are so many different types of percussion instruments, and they can all complement each other in all types of pieces. The amount of percussion instruments can also give a variety of different instruments to play. You could play either the bongo drum, or you could play the marimba. That is why percussion instruments should be considered when thinking about what to teach these children. Lastly, the recorder is a gateway to many different horn and wind instruments, and if you are taught the basics on how to play the recorder, that will allow you to excel in the future when playing instruments such as the clarinet, saxophone, the flute and many others.

- Brando


Over the course of the project members of the group have had differing ideas as to what language to teach the tribe. Everyone in the group agreed on learning English because English is an international language. English is also known has the language of business and if the tribe ever wishes to interact with the outside world then they will most likely need English as a reference tool. Where the conflict began was where we were deciding whether the tribe, as a second language, should learn Spanish or Portuguese. Although Maria and Julia made a valid point about Spanish being the main language spoken in South America Brando and I believe it is more important that they learn the language surrounding them. The Amazon is located in Brazil and if the tribe does decide to ever make an external profit then it is important to learn the language that the consumers surrounding you speak. Language is a crucial aspect to this project of beauty and ethics. Language will have a major impact on the instruments and history which we will be teaching them.

mp_brasil.gifMap of South America

We picked a map of South America to show to the tribe. We chose this map for very basic reasons. We all felt that teaching them about their surroundings would be the most beneficial. This map was picked especially because it shows the main areas of Brazil, the surrounding area.

We believe that in the subject of history, there needs to be a balance between years way back and very contemporary history. It is important for these children to learn the history of their country, and by doing that, there needs to be a specific timeline which would include the important years and/or events. Along with that, the subject of history for these children should also include what is going on in the world now, and in very recent years. Topics such as NAFTA and 9/11 should be taught and the students, in our opinion, would enjoy and benefit from learning topics such as those ones.

- Brando

-A combination of our ethic beliefs and theirs

external image 20070822klpartmsc_159.Ies.SCO.jpg La gallina ciega - Francisco de Goya

When we teach them about ethics, we must remember that these people have different necessities than us, and live in a place where our views of what is right and wrong may be impractical. Of course, to us cannibalism is not a practical or ethical choice, but for people that may have to go weeks on end without food, eating someone who has already been killed is a logical - though perhaps not ethical – decision to make. Food does not , and should not, go to waste, and though it seems disrespectful and wrong for them to eat other human beings, we have never lived that way, and so how can we judge? Burying a person is way we as a society honour our dead – in some cultures, this is not the way it is done.
Other points about ethics I would like to make is that, as I have stated above, right and wrong is an opinion, and we can not force our opinion onto someone else – according to our own rules of ethics, it would be immoral. Therefore, we need to find a common ground of right and wrong that both cultures can agree on.