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Anything written in bold blue writing is by Josh Wahler.


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Art focused for small children as a tribute about the innocence of children and as showing the wonders of friendship to children and to respect animal

Josh Wahler: The first piece of art work I think we should bring is a landscape piece. A landscape piece relates alot to truth and beauty. These natives have been living in thier isolated village thier entire lives and have know idea that there are other climates and enviornments in the world that are very different from thier own. A landscape peice will teach them the truth about the world. For example we can bring them a painting of a snowy mountain range or a vast dessert. This will not only show them the beauty of or planet, but teach them the truth about it as well.

The second piece I think we should bring is a photograph. I had in mind a photograph showing different people of all different races and nationalities. This will teach them about truth and ethics. It will show them that there are other types of people living in this world It will reveal the truth that there are other races and it will teach them to be tolerant of these people. We do not want them to be racist or negetive towards other races and cultures so it is important to teach them about these other people and that we are all equal and deserve respect. We need to teach them that even though there are different looking people that does not affect what kind of person somone is and everyone is equal as a person.

The final piece of art I think we should bring is a popular and influential piece of art such as the "The liberty" which you suggested. I like your idea about how it relates to ethics and supports the ideals and values of freedom. This would also help in terms of the tribes issues with infanticide and war. By learning the values of freedom it will teach them that all people have rights and war and infanticide violate these basic human rights. I do think that although "The Liberty" relates to the values of freedom it also galmorizes and supports the idea of war. It supports the idea of using war to gain freedom. I think think that we should definetley bring a painting along the lines of "The Liberty" though.

external image Harris_Mount_Lefroy_450_902.jpgPainting by: Lauren Harris
Picture added by: Josh Wahler

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The Liberty Guiding The People by Eugene Delacroix: This painting will teach them the meaning of freedom, the struggle of liberty against opressive tyrants and how everyone, rich and poor have the right to live equally. This would be the third piece of art we would show them (the most difficult).


Music: I think we should focus on teaching them percussion instruments. There are various reascons for this:
- They are usually accesible due to the fact that they can be as simple as two sticks
- Percussion, at least in its bascis, is easier to learn than other instruments such as violins or clarinets.
- All tribes have some sort of percussion, at least in their celebrations. In fact, drums are often associated with tribes in jungles or remote locations.
Truth, Beauty and Ethics can be taught through songs by their melopdy or lyrics. Our students could learn numerous things from lyrics, not just only basic things like a boy liking a girl. Things like history or philosophical theories. Music is extremely importnat.

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Laura Tejeda


Josh Wahler: I think it is very important to teach them different languages. Languages are important for them to be able to communicate and it will make it easier for us to teach them and form them to understand what they are being taught. I think that languages are one of the first things they should learn. I do not however think that it is neccasarry for them to know three languages. It will be hard enough learning one brand new language that is why we should really only keep it to two languages. It agree with you that they should learn English. I think they should learn English first because based on what I have heard from many people who have English not as thier first language say it is very hard to learn. I think teaching them English first will be easier becuase it can make learning other languages easier in comparison. Also it is important that they know English for a few reasons. The first is that that English is one of the most widley spoken languages and is very useful to understand. Alot of buisness, television, news, etc. is conducted in English. It is the international language and has alot of important application.

I think that the second language we should teach them is Portuguese. The natives live in Brazil and Portugese is the first language of Brazil. It is important that they are able to communicate in thier own enviorment and country. I think English will have the most international application, but the natives also need to be able to communicate in their own community in order to deal with conflicts and other Brazilians.

One book that I think would be a good idea to bring is the Berenstain Bears. Perticularly the one about the golden rule. I think this would be a good book to bring for two reasons. The first reason is because it uses very simple language and pictures. It would be a very good book to help learn English because becuase of the short simple sentences and pictures to explain the story. The second reason I would bring them this book is becuase of the morals and ethics it supports/teaches. It explains the golden rule (do to others what you would have them do to you). This is a very ethically important statment. This native tribe does not know or understand many morals which are common knowledge to the outside world. This book would help deal with thier issues involving war, cannibalism and infanticide. It would teach them that these things are not very ethically and could help reform thier ways and teach them alternatives to war, cannabalism and infanticide.

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Picture added by: Josh Wahler


Josh Wahler: In my opinion the best map to show them is a a world map. I think it is important to start from the top in this respect and work our way down. By this I mean first we should show them a world map before showing them maps of individual continents or contries. First we need to show them the truth about the earth. That is is really such a vast and expansive place, that consists of many continents and regions. A world map is the best thing to achieve this goal. Right now the natives probobly think that thier village or area is the whole world. They have never been or seen anywhere else so how could they know any differently? You can't blame them. a map of the world will show them that really they are only a small (and by small I in no way mean insignificant) piece of the puzzle which makes up our vast and diverse planet. It is important that they learn that they are no the whole world, but really just a part of it just like all the other places we can show them on our map. A world map would also be hugley significant if we were to teach them things like history. We could show them where on the map the events they are learning about are taking place.
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Picture added by: Josh Wahler


Nazi Germany And The Own History Of The Tribe

History of the Nazi period in Germany and a general view of WWII, this is the history we would Teach them due the intolerance, hatred and cruelty the Germans showed to the world in those days and how they were stopped because of such immorality could be used to change their ways to a more noble culture where violence and intolerance are unnecesary to live and the ending they will suffer if they keep on living in a violent culture they should learn the story of Nazi Germany and World War II in order to make them focus towards a more pacifist way of life and breaking their violent tendencies. As I write these words, maybe the tribe should also be taught to write their own history, in order to stop their future generations to not make the same mistakes they once commited, after all, history can be an eternal zero, always repeating itself unless society learns from it and corrects his present by comparing the past, thus changing their future.

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Josh Wahler: I agree that the tribe we are dealing with is morally flawed. I think it is important to teach them ethics and that that warring and infanticide are unethical and there are better alterntives to thier problems. I like the ideas you guys have put forward about educating them and teaching them about Nazi Germany. I also think we should teach them about other genocides as well (e.g. Rawanda, or Darfur which is not only a good example of genocide, but a current event as well). After each genocide people say never again. Well people do not stay true to this statment becuase it does happen again and again. It seems history repeats itself in terms of its atrocities and we need to teach them how unethical the world can be and although we seem to have trouble learning from our own mistakes sometimes, they should not. Genocides in general are a great way to teach the value of life and ethics. This tribe needs to learn the value of human life and that everyone is equal as a person and deserves respect and fair treatment.

I believe that education is a good way to show the tribe that thier ethics need to be reformed. I think we should teach them that fighting is wrong and it only leads to unneccesary violence and killing. We should teach them to use their words and that fighting should be the last solution to a problem. If they are having difficulty with a neighboring tribe they should talk about it a compromise with the other tribe rather than senslasley killing. It is also important to teach them that infanticide and cannibalism are wrong for the exact same reasons. It is unethical to take the life of another human, especially for food. Human life is precious and something to be respected not canabalized. If they are having a food shortage issue then we could bring them seads and teach them to grow food. We could also teach them to hunt more efficiently so cannablism will not be neccasary.